Sunday 6/25/06

Annacis Island, BC to Marblemount, WA: 111 Miles

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd, Annacis Island, BC

Here we are at our starting point. CMP is supporting the BC ChildrenÕs Hospital with our ride. The ChildrenÕs Hospital lapel pin stick figure people rode most of the trip on our saddle bag name tags (look for them in photos along the way).


The team at CMP provided us each with a kit of useful stuff. The backscratchers turned out to be very good for mixing Gatorade. The Red Bull (not visible) became an afternoon necessity.


Alex Fraser Bridge over the Fraser River

Getting across this bridge was the first climb of the trip. As you can see, there is dramatic mountain scenery just outside the Vancouver metro area.


Crossing back into the US

HereÕs our team at the border. Our drivers this week were CarlÕs mom, Sandy Howerton, and her friend, Glenda Downs. The water in the background is Boundary Bay, an extension of the Pacific Ocean, with Point Roberts and then Vancouver Island in the far distance.


HereÕs the Peace Arch, celebrating (as of 1914) 100 years of Canadian/US friendship.


Lister Chain & Forge, Blaine, WA

Lister is another company with which David is involved. In concert with our ride, Lister is supporting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Make your own gift here, noting on the second page that you are giving to ListerÕs Coast-to-Coast Challenge.


Ferndale, WA

This Boy Scout car wash had the ŌhonorÕ of removing the accumulated bugs of the vanÕs journeys from Minneapolis to Boston to Vancouver.

Sedro-Woolley, WA

We stopped for a break and found this port-o-let, with the most memorable name of any we saw on the trip.

Near Concrete, WA

TomorrowÕs ride is going to get interesting.

Marblemount, WA

HereÕs our set-up at the motel, with the van plugged-in to run its refrigerator.


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