Thursday 7/27/06

Napoleon, OH to Westlake, OH: 136 miles

Near Fremont, OH

This may take the cake for DOT confusion.

Near Sandusky, OH

If only we could have stayed for a cold one hoisted in honor of Jimmy Buffett.

Near Mitiwanga, OH


Unfortunately, this establishment seemed to be closed. If the sign disappears under mysterious circumstances, we know nothing.

“Bad Crack” near Avon Lake, OH

Carl shows off his road rash. The diagonal expansion joint had caught his wheel and dumped him onto the pavement. Thankfully, his gloves bore the brunt of the fall.

Bay Village, OH

We missed our turn inland as a result of sneaky road name changes. Then, adding insult to injury, we had to detour around this missing bridge.

Westlake, OH

This was our longest day of the trip (136 miles), so we were very glad to be here. Carl shows off his shredded glove and wrist tan-line.


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