Sunday 7/30/06

Conneaut, OH to Dunkirk, NY: 82 miles

Just east of Conneaut:

The morning started cool and foggy (and, no, we don’t know how to pronounce ‘Conneaut’).

Orchard Beach, PA:

Lunch stop on the far side of Erie. Erie had a number of frog sculptures on display, apparently from a 2004 show that was comparable to the cows on parade in Chicago or the big pig gig in Cincinnati.


Ripley, NY:

Our last state before Massachusetts! We shortly found ourselves detoured off NY-5 onto US-20, which added a few miles to our day, between Ripley and Westfield. This area is full of vineyards, many of which apparently grow Concord grapes for grape juice.

Niagara Falls:

We finished our ride day early enough to drive up to Niagara Falls. This view is looking east to west, across the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls.


Sandy and Carl at the observation point in the State Park, with the American Falls in the background providing a delightful, cooling mist.


Lydia, Sonja and David at the same spot.


After viewing the Falls, we went to the Anchor Bar for dinner, self-reputed to be the “birthplace” of Buffalo-style chicken wings. Yes, we did have the house specialty, and no, it doesn’t have the appropriate nutrients to power a cyclist very far.


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