Saturday 8/5/06

Sturbridge, MA to Bourne, MA: 112 miles

Starting Line:

HereÕs the pack, ready to roll. We were towards the rear, towards the right...not there, just a little to the left and up a touch, oh never mind.


There we go, much better.



Franklin water stop:

The mechanic explains that CarlÕs broken spoke canÕt be replaced here. Instead, he trues CarlÕs wheel as much as possible and sends us on our way. No word on whether he resorted to the PBR or the Red Bull. Carl had popped the spoke on a hill a few miles earlier and limped into the water stop. On a MurphyÕs Law basis, this was the first day that we didnÕt have our own spare wheel readily available on the back of our van.

Dighton-Rehoboth lunch stop:

Friends of CarlÕs found us by the nametags on our bikes and snapped this fine shot:



Once in Bourne, Carl tried to get his wheel repaired. None of the right spokes were available, so he was outfitted with the replacement wheel. Unfortunately, the replacement wheel had problems, too, requiring much work in the morning.


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