Saturday’s Photos


It was a warm, dry weekend after a rainy Friday afternoon (like many PMCs we’ve experienced before)


At the Sturbridge Starting Line, 5:15am

::2009:PMC 09:three at start-horiz.jpg

Carl, David & Mike ready to go. David wasn’t able to ride because he had shattered his left elbow in a fall on a training ride the prior weekend but came to the start to lend support. The arm sling turned out to be a decent cup holder.


Here’s the video of the roll-out. Carl and Mike zip by at about 3:25.


::2009:PMC 09:support team.jpg

After the riders had rolled out, Carl’s support team remained behind.


Apponequet School Water Stop::2009:PMC 09:michelle & boys.jpg

Mike’s family came out to cheer: Michelle, Dale and Evan saw Carl but missed Mike at a great waterstop that features the pedal partners.


Rolling in to Mass Maritime Academy

::2009:PMC 09:mike rolls in.jpg

Mike successfully reaches the Saturday finish after a long, hot ride, and still with a smile on his face.


On Board the TSS Enterprise

::2009:PMC 09:cabin and window.jpg

Carl and Mike had an outside cabin for two on the Mass Maritime Academy’s training ship Enterprise– most importantly, notice the vent in the ceiling, piping in cool, dry A/C. The view of Buzzards Bay out the porthole wasn’t bad either.


At Mass Maritime Academy

::2009:PMC 09:Carl & Mike at MMA.jpg

Carl and Mike relax on the great lawn at MMA. Notice the solar panels on the light poles in the background. MMA has been ‘green’ for a number of years.


::2009:PMC 09:vol by message tables.jpg

Nothing like a volunteer with a cold bottle of water and a waiting massage appointment (notice the massage tables in the background). She was Carl’s masseuse.



::2009:PMC 09:harpoon.jpg

Harpoon Brewery continues to be our favorite PMC sponsor. Nothing like a “UFO” hefeweizen at the end of hard day on the road…




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