SundayŐs Photos


At the First Waterstop:

::2010:Photos:angels on board-a.jpg

Not all the Dana-Farber stories have a happy ending, yet.



At the Nickerson State Park Waterstop:

::2010:Photos:smilin Jack-a.jpg

Jack OŐRiordan, the unofficial mascot of the PMC.


::2010:Photos:Mike and Sandy-b.jpg

Mike with CarlŐs mom. CarlŐs parents Sandy and Pete have been volunteering for six years now.


::2010:Photos:tropical port-o-lets-2-a.jpg

The Nickerson Waterstop continues to have amusingly themed facilities.


::2010:Photos:mike on ice alone-a.jpg

Nickerson has added ice furniture to its amenities – MikeŐs a fan.


Just down the Hill from the Wellfleet Waterstop:

::2010:Photos:MIke's down-a.jpg

David was leading and stopped suddenly, surprising Mike. Mike couldnŐt detach from his pedals quickly enough, and took a slow-motion tumble (think Arte Johnson on his tricycle on Laugh-In).


At the Provincetown Inn, after a successful completion:

::2010:Photos:elbow close-up-a.jpg

Mike displays his battered elbow.


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