FridayŐs Huckleberry Ride


Early Waterstop

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CarlŐs ready for the Berkshires.


Post mountain-climb breakfast

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The Huckleberry bake shop has been replaced by the River Cafe as the morning caffeine and carbo-loading spot in Huntington MA.


Atkins Farms lunch stop

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At the Sturbridge Host

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A salute to the Huckleberry riders from their Pedal Partner.


The Formal Pan-Mass Challenge


Saturday Morning Start

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Ready to ride!


Lunch Waterstop – Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School

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Carl with Sam Damphouse, a first-year rider and student at the school where Carl works.


Mass Maritime Academy

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What 3,000 bikes look like, parked for the evening and ready for Sunday morningŐs wet weather.


Nickerson State Park, Brewster

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CarlŐs dad Pete, volunteering at the second Sunday waterstop as in past years.


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And CarlŐs mom Sandy also helping to keep all the riders fed on their way to Provincetown.


Wellfleet waterstop, Cape Cod

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The last refueling before Provincetown


Provincetown Finish Line

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Carl and Sam celebrate a successful finish.



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