Friday West Stockbridge to Sturbridge – About 90 Miles


Bruce and Joan Cohen’s Home, Stockbridge

::2018:2018-08-06:Departure from Bruces.jpg

The Crack O’ Dawn Riders ready to roll for Sturbridge.

Joan and Bruce are the consummate hosts.


Somewhere in Western Mass

::2018:2018-08-06:Flat Fixing Break.jpg

Nothing like a flat to bring the group to a halt.


Lunch at Atkins Farms Country Market

::2018:2018-08-06:Carl and Laura at lunch Friday copy.jpg

Carl and Laura at lunch. Laura drove support for the group for the day.


Sturbridge Host Hotel

::2018:2018-08-06:Arrival at Sturbridge Host.jpg

Celebration of a Safe Ride and arrival before the crowds. It was wickedly hot and humid this day, as the Friday ride has often been over the years.


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