Friday, August 6: NY Line to Sturbridge MA - 101 miles


We followed the mapped route of 2002


At Bruce Cohen's "cottage"



Bruce is in the center, with his Thursday evening guests.



NY/MA Line - the Huckleberry riders



A bigger group than in past years.



US-20, at Lee MA



This is the start of the Berkshire climb. Photo courtesy of Steve Davis.



In Front of City Hall, Northampton MA



An important discussion relative to the acquisition of Lowery Brothers Rigging Center by Dreyfus-Cortney forced this unscheduled stop. Needless to say, we again found ourselves permanently separated from the Huckleberry riders.



PMC Rider Registration, Sturbridge Host Hotel



Carl gets banded like an endangered species.



Brush with Fame




Here we are with esteemed PMCer Mel Stoler. Mel had a freak accident a few weeks earlier and was unable to ride this year, but attended Friday's events to lend moral support.



Opening Ceremonies



Here is Dana-Farber Cancer Institute President Edward J. Benz, Jr, MD making a point to the crowd about the good work that comes out of your contributions.


And then to bed to prepare for the mandatory 6am start time of PMC Day 1.



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