Saturday, July 31st – David Rides Cape Cod


David rode a loop on Cape Cod, much of it on the Sunday PMC Route


Kit from the PMC

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The cellophane pouch has a PMC-branded face mask in it.


Garmin Connect Map


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Route is clockwise from the green blob at Hyannis Port. From just above the “e” in Bourne at left to the upper right-hand corner is on the formal PMC Sunday route. Average moving speed was 14.3 mph, the 12.3 mph in the window includes all stops.


Ready to Roll

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A bit before 7am, cool and clear


Mashpee Rotary

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Always interesting navigating a rotary on a bicycle


Sandwich Road and Veterans Way, Bourne

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The road at right, Veterans Way, comes from the Bourne Rotary and Bourne Bridge. Normally there’s a PMC volunteer here warning riders of a “Wicked Hahd Right Turn” as they zip downhill from the rotary and around the corner to get to the access point for the Cape Cod Canal Recreational Trail under the Bourne Bridge.


Top of the Service Road, Sandwich

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This year’s photo looking forward  towards the rolling hills from Sandwich into Barnstable.


“Downtown” Barnstable

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Normally PMC Riders would be arriving on 6-A from the right, turning right into the first Sunday waterstop. Instead, a stop at the market here for a bag of trail mix as lunch.


Dennis Turning Point

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Normally a police officer or PMC volunteer would be waiving riders straight through on Setucket Rd, this year a right onto Old Bass River Rd to get to the Cape Cod Rail Trail and ultimately home.


Buck Island Rd, West Yarmouth

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By chance, David’s family found him on the route and captured a couple of live-action shots


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