Tuesday 6/27/06

Twisp, WA to Grand Coulee, WA: 94/84 miles

Bridgeport, WA

The Chief Joseph dam is the next Columbia River dam downstream from Grand Coulee.


We sought temporary shelter from the heat in these trees along WA-17 southeast of Bridgeport.


After a few more miles in the heat, David resorted to riding in the van for 10 miles. The head towel migrated to his neck for most days of the remainder of the trip, providing crucial evaporative cooling.


Carl kept riding – David rejoined him on the road here.


The convergence of the various power lines let us know the dam was near.


Here is the view of Grand Coulee Dam from WA-174, with Lake Roosevelt stretching into the distance.


Coulee Dam, WA

This thermometer at our motel told the tale of the day.


We toured the dam. This view is from the top of the #3 powerhouse, looking west. We were told that the Hoover Dam would easily fit within the spillway section at center. At dusk a laser light show was projected against the dam.


Our motel room had a balcony, which we used for bike storage.



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