Tuesday 7/4/06

Browning, MT to Augusta, MT

Continuing down US-89


Not many distractions near Browning...



We were in the Blackfeet Reservation for a while



Still on US-89


You never know what amusement you’ll run into.


In Choteau

We ran into the Rockies team of the Texas 4000. They’re riding from Austin to Anchorage, also to fight cancer. Think about the odds of running into another group on a comparable quest, in the middle of Montana...



Close to Augusta we started a stampede of sheep. Cyclists were apparently a rarity, spooking farm animals all across the west.



The Bunkhouse, our Hotel in Augusta


We watched the town fireworks from the balcony. The fireworks were shot just across the street, from the parking lot below. Two men kept pulling all varieties of rockets from the grey Suburban at right and lighting them off. For proximity and ratio of spectators to explosions, it was an unbeatable show.



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