Thursday 7/6/06

Townsend, MT to Big Sky, MT

Rollout from Townsend

Carl did an amazing job of finding places for us to stay Š the Mustang Motel was one of a many local places he found in advance of our trip.


Construction zone south of Townsend

This was the end of three miles of a gravel and mud construction zone.


Three Forks, MT

Here are the Madison and Jefferson Rivers coming together, flowing left to right. The Gallatin joins about a mile later to form the Missouri River.


Home to Manhattan?!

Well, uh, no, although Manhattan, MT does appear to be an up-and-coming suburb of Bozeman.


Medical Services

Toni bandages up CarlÕs blistering sunburned arm. The jerseys all have different length sleeves, so we have to be very careful with suntan lotion.


Our ride up the Gallatin River valley to Big Sky brought a dab of rain and a tailwind for the climb to 6,000Õ of elevation and our off day.


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