Saturday 7/8/06

Big Sky, MT to Fishing Bridge, WY

Our Team in the Van

Christa, Toni and Bill, at the Comfort Inn in Big Sky as we prepared to roll out.


Not your average eastern warning sign

Thankfully, we didn’t have to joust with any elk during the next 10 miles.


Entering Yellowstone’s West Gate:


This was a handout at the park gate. Luckily, we were able to keep vehicles between ourselves and nearby buffalo.


Elk in the Madison River

The river provided a barrier to keep away predators, including Bill.

The Park Service is allowing nature to take its course much more than in the past


This is a very large area along the west entrance road. There were two near-fledgling bald eagles in an older tree along the road here, with Park Service people keeping the overly curious at bay.


Fountain Paint Pots

Photos can’t do justice to the colors and scope of the volcanic springs in the park



Grand Prismatic Spring

The steaming runoff from the spring flows to the Firehole River. We spent so much time looking at these springs that we didn’t feel the need to wait for Old Faithful.


We saw Jack’s loaded rig, and knew that whatever we were experiencing, we had it easy. Jack is going cross-country carrying everything on his bike.


Craig Pass

We were damn proud to be here


Carl’s GPS tells the tale: 8,269’ elevation, 87 miles into our riding day


The day’s second crossing of the Continental Divide

Between the first and second passes we made it above 8,500’, but got no sign to show for it.


At the Fishing Bridge Intersection

As we learned, you can tell where the wildlife is by where the cars are backed up. Amazingly, there are no motor homes in this photo. As we rode across the west, we concluded that half of everybody owns a camper, and half of those campers are ‘for sale’ at any given moment.


At the Yellowstone Inn

The big, wooden Yellowstone Inn reminded us of the Overlook Hotel from the Shining. We half expected to see Scatman Crothers step out of this snow buggy (Crothers, incidentally, died of cancer).


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