Sunday 7/9/06

Yellowstone Hotel to Cody, WY: 74 miles

Our Route


The park road from Sylvan Pass (8,530 elevation) to the East Entrance was under construction, forcing us into the van for about 10 miles. Click the map to go to the interactive Google map.



High Desert

Once again, the east side of the mountains was incredibly arid. We were riding in 100-degree heat into a 15-20 mph headwind.


Buffalo Bill Dam

The road through the tunnel is our route, US-14. The tunnel offered a welcome respite from the heat, if not the wind. To the right is the dam, which holds back the Shoshone River.


We were supposed to ride 33 miles past Cody to Emblem, WY, but with our hotel in Cody, and the heat and headwind grinding us down, we decided to turn in early.


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