Monday 7/10/06

Emblem, WY to Buffalo, WY: 112 miles ridden

Between Manderson and Ten Sleep WY

A right turn at Road 43-1/2 (almost like Harry PotterŐs Platform 9-3/4).



Antelope graze in an irrigated field. The brown hills in the background show the natural desert conditions here.

Lunch Stop

This is in a park in Ten Sleep, WY, 70 miles into our day, with the crossing of the Bighorn Mountains yet to come.


Ten Sleep Canyon, Big Horn Mountains

HereŐs the view looking up the canyon. ThatŐs our route climbing at a 6% grade from left to right along the northern wall of the canyon. At the inevitable slow climbing pace, it was impossible to shake the swarming constellation of flies that found us.


At the Summit of our ride  

This is 100 miles into our day, and more than a mile above our elevation 30 miles back in Ten Sleep. We rode another 12 miles before portaging to Buffalo in the van.


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