Tuesday 7/11/06

Buffalo, WY to Moorcroft, WY: 98 miles


This entire day of riding was on I-90. We found the interstate to be safer than other roads, because of the wide shoulder and the rumble strip protecting the shoulder from the auto traffic. For much of this day, it was also our only option.


From Buffalo to the South Dakota line we saw hundreds of roadkill rabbits. DonÕt believe that rabbits are lucky Š they had to be incredibly unlucky to get hit on this sparsely traveled piece of highway.


Crazy Woman Creek

Where do these names come from?


Carl gathered some water.


HereÕs the view looking south. As you can see, close to the creek stays green, but farther away is extremely dry.


Middle of Nowhere

If weÕre making good time, it must be time for a spate of flats. Luckily this one happened to occur near the one tree in probably 20 miles.


A little west of Gillette



Although we were staying in Gillette, we continued on to Moorcroft to get ahead of schedule. We knew that the next day was forecast to be even hotter and into a headwind.


East of Gillette we saw three Boeing 737 fuselages on a train heading west. Unfortunately, we didnÕt have a camera with us to record the scene.


We also saw innumerable coal trains, delivering the product of the Powder River Basin to power plants across the nation. Later on in the journey, when we saw BNSF coal trains, we wondered if we had also seen them this day.


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