Wednesday 7/12/06

Moorcroft, WY to Spearfish, SD: 65 miles


We were going to ride a circuitous route past Devils Tower but because of the 100+ degree heat and headwind, we stayed on I-90.

East of Sundance, WY

Rolling into a rest area for a quick stop. Sundance, WY is where the Sundance Kid got his name.


Another flat, just west of the South Dakota line.


Another state for our collection!

We repeatedly learned that signs that donŐt look very large from a car, at highway speeds, are in fact huge.


Once we arrived at our hotel in Belle Fourche (where a bank thermometer showed a temperature of 111!), we were interviewed by Karl Grimmelman live on KBFS and KYDT, and then by Milo Dailey of the Belle Fourche Post & Bee. The resulting article is here. We then drove to Devils Tower to be good tourists.


Devils Tower, WY

Here is one of the 1,000 different photos Carl and Christa shot of the Tower. Although it is only 800Ő tall, it is an amazing presence.


Here is a good portrait of Bill and Christa, in the field of fallen rock at the base of the Tower.


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