Friday 7/14/06

Off Day: Custer, SD

First, we visited Mt. Rushmore

We think we know whoÕs more handsome...


In the scuptorÕs studio is this model of how scuptor Gutzon Borglum intended the memorial to look when finished. As you can see, only WashingtonÕs face is complete.



These mountain goats were right next to the path in the park. The nannyÕs radio collar was very stylish.


Back at the Hotel

We reviewed our inventory of saddle sore preventatives and treatments.


We also had a bunch of work done on our bikes at Acme Bicycles in Rapid City – truing wheels, replacing drive train components and generally making sure weÕd make it down the road. They were great, even providing a key dinner referral to SanfordÕs, the sister restaurant of HumphreyÕs in Gillette.


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