Saturday 7/15/06

Custer, SD to Batesland, SD: 114 miles


Just south of Custer

It started out as a beautiful morning for ballooning

Wind Cave National Park

a zippy downhill ended with a blow-out, the first of many this day.


Prairie dogs seem to be the dominant life form in the park. Cars and people donŐt bother them much. In contrast, bicycles send them scurrying. We experienced the same impact with cattle, sheep and horses in the west, too.

Downtown Hot Springs, SD

From here we were quickly out of the Black Hills and into the plains. There should have been a sign: Ňno shade next 500 milesÓ

100 miles into the dayÉ

The ice provided enough relief to get us the last 14 miles to our home for the night


Nearby weather reporting

We passed through Pine Ridge that afternoon, when the sun would have made the heat index even higher. We were quite proud of ourselves to persevere through our entire ride this day.

At the Wakpamni B&B

Cindy takes advantage of the B&BŐs amenities.


Tipis were a lodging option at the B&B, but we went the traditional route, including A/C.


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