Sunday 7/16/06

Batesland, SD to Mission, SD: 79 miles on US-18


Shortly after we started riding

Uh, much more than 8 – we think sweat went to at least 11.

Just west of Mission

A few-hundred foot climb up from Soldier Creek (click map to enlarge) into the scorching wind towards US-83 and Mission pushed David over the line towards heat exhaustion. We piled into the van to portage to our hotel in Winner, and found that US-18 was closed between Mission and Winner, forcing a 70-mile detour. We decided to ride from Winner in the morning, rather than portaging back around the detour.


It was so hot that taking a breath outside was like breathing from an oven.

Exhaling felt cooler.


Mission, SD

An interesting ad slogan from Cenex.


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