Friday 7/21/06

Denison, IA to Ames, IA: 97 miles

Pre-dawn roll-out

Carl adjusts his brakes. Note the BC Children’s Hospital stick figure on his name tag.

It was drizzling as we rolled out, hence the jackets.

Carroll, IA

With Lydia at our rest stop. The rain had ended so the jackets came off. We were astounded (and had our sense of smell ruined) by all the trucks carrying cattle and hogs in this area.

Near Jefferson, IA

At our next waterstop we spent a little time cleaning and lubing our drivetrains – rain makes a noisy, miserable mess of them.


Rolling into Ames we enjoyed the delightful combination of a tailwind and a slight downhill. We got to Ames much faster than the van expected us to, leading to this classic phone conversation: “Where are you?” “At the hotel!”


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