Saturday 7/22/06

Ames, IA to Cedar Rapids, IA: 108 miles

The Lincoln Highway was our Route

Getting passed was never a pleasure.


…except by the many old school buses heading west to the start of the RAGBRAI in Sergeant’s Bluff, bedecked in psychedelic paint and bicycles, and full of cheering riders.


A display of tractors along the way

Cedar Memorial Park, Cedar Rapids, IA




We paid our respects to David’s aunt, Maryanne Hedges, and his grandfather, Clyo F. Castle, both of whom were lost to cancer. Maryanne died in 1999 – her loss is a key inspiration for David to ride.

Back at the Hotel

Lydia greets Lyle Hedges, Maryanne’s husband, who found us as we were making necessary repairs.


Lyle, along with his son Scott and Scott’s girlfriend Snow, came up to join us at the Cemetery and to honor Maryanne and Grandpa Castle.


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