Saturday Sturbridge to Bourne


At the Start – 5:30am

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Phils Phriends at start-a-Silas and Abby.jpg

Phil’s Phriends ride to support Silas and Abby.



::2013:PMC 2013 photos:warning sign for sharp turn-a.jpg

Official signage supporting the riders. When the radar gun is on, we like to see how fast we can go.


Sutton Waterstop

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Sutton waterstop-a.jpg

Hopefully the blue bike under the sign of arrows is advertising for the mechanics, and not someone’s actual PMC steed. Love the white banana seat…


Cherry Street, Wrentham

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Cherry St 1-a.jpg

Always terrific support from these folks.


::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Cherry St Steel Drum Band-a.jpg

Tempting to stop and hear some more from the steel drum band.


::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Cherry St pipers-a.jpg

And a different musical alternative just down the block.



::2013:PMC 2013 photos:balloon arch-a.jpg

The balloon arches provided at various places only the route are inspiring.


Along the way

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:for mom-a.jpg

Tough to read, but two of the four riders here have “For Mom” signage on their backs.


::2013:PMC 2013 photos:repeaters on roadside-a.jpg

You may recognize this group from last year’s inspirational photos.


Lunch stop – Dighton-Rehoboth High School

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:lunch arrival-a.jpg

Another terrific greeting about 70 miles into the day.


Apponequet Regional High School Waterstop

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Wally-a.jpg

The pedal partners who are healthy enough to attend come to this waterstop to visit with their teams of riders. Wally the Green Monstah was probably there to entertain the kids.


Along the way

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:humorous farmer-a.jpg

I suspect the owner with a sense of humor pronounces it “aching back.”


We arrived at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy for the evening in good spirits and physical condition, after an overcast day even spotted with rain (why there are no photos of the last 20 miles or so of the day).



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