Sunday Bourne to Provincetown


Bourne Bridge, about 5:30am

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:bridge summit-a.jpg

Always great to have a cheering supporter at the top of a climb.


Along the way

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:lobstah-a.jpg

Nothing like a welcoming lobster to remind you you’re on the Cape.


::2013:PMC 2013 photos:my brother mike-a.jpg

Why we ride: “My Brother Mike 1954-1990”


Cape Cod Sea Camps, Brewster

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Carl and CCSC-a.jpg

Carl prepares to soak up the cheers of the campers.


Nickerson State Park waterstop

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Pete Carl-a.jpg

Carl and his dad Pete with Liz, a friend of theirs from Orleans. We spent a little extra time here with Pete in honor of Carl’s mom Sandy, who had volunteered at this water stop with Pete for the prior nine years and was a key member of our transcontinental team in 2006.



Along the way

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:survivor in box-a.jpg

left:“Thank you from a Jimmy Fund Family”

right-center: “I am a Survivor”


Entering Wellfleet

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Wellfleet arrival-a.jpg

The string of PMC jerseys start in about 1998.


Wellfleet waterstop

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:Transplantenary at Wellfleet-a.jpg

Tough to read, but the blue sign says: “My Dad Just Celebrated His One Year Transplantiversary! Thank You!”


Provincetown Inn Finish Line

::2013:PMC 2013 photos:to the finish line-a.jpg

Rolling in after about 77 miles for the day, soaking up the cheers of the crowd on a beautiful summer morning.



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