Saturday – Sturbridge to Bourne - 110 miles


Because of the persistent rain, we have no photos between waterstops.


At the Start – 5:30am

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:Mike and David at Start.jpg

Dry, smiling and ready to ride. The mist and then rain would start almost immediately.



Whitinsville Waterstop

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:Angels on Board.jpg

One of the various heartbreaking signs riders wear:

“Angels on Board

Riding in Memory of our Girls”


Sutton Waterstop

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:Mike at second waterstop.jpg

Mike is soggy, but still in good cheer.


Lunch Stop  - Dighton-Rehoboth High School

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:At lunch.jpg

Lunch was dry, but the rain returned in earnest just down the road, and continued for the remaining 40 miles of the day.


Massachusetts Maritime Academy – 110 Miles and Today’s Ride Complete

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:Done day one.jpg

The rain had finally tapered, but at this point we were bone-cold and completely drenched from the 55 degree driving rain we had experienced for the preceding hour on the road. In 2012 we had been crushed by the heat, but this was scarcely better.



Sunday – Bourne to Provincetown - 80 miles


Nickerson Waterstop in Brewster

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:The whole gang at Nickerson.JPG

With the Howerton clan – Audrey, Laura, Carl, Barbara and Pete in their green volunteer shirts.


:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:sea of humanity at Nickerson.jpg

Here’s the sea of riders at Nickerson, to give a sense of the logistical challenges the volunteers deal with.


Wellfleet Waterstop

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:soothing cool at Wellfleet.jpg

Although the weather was mild Sunday, the ice furniture was still helpful for soothing brutalized perinea (this is about 160 miles into the weekend’s riding).


Provincetown Finish

:::::Desktop:Karneval photos:PMC 2014:For webpage:at the finish.JPG

This year there was this specific arch for finish photos. Sunday was a relatively easy day, making up for an utterly grueling Saturday.


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