Saturday: Sturbridge to Bourne


These are the photos of our experience riding. Poignant photos of why so many people participate and contribute are here.


Sturbridge Host Hotel (night before)

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:ibuprofen-a.jpg

We didn’t need quite all 750 Ibuprofen tablets in the rear bottle cage, but probably more than our doctors would be happy to hear about.


Sturbridge Host Hotel 5:15am

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:at the start-a.jpg

Ready to Ride, once again.


Welcome to Bellingham

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:entering bellingham-a.jpg

Interesting to think back to our ride through Bellingham WA on the first day of our 2006 ride.


Cherry Street, Wrentham

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:Welcome to Cherry St-a.jpg

“Welcome to Cherry Street”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:view down cherry st-a.jpg

Nice turn-out on both sides of the street


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:band on cherry st-a.jpg

Rockin’ the riders down Cherry Street


Lunch Waterstop – Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:lunch welcome-a.jpg

An Olympic welcome to the lunch stop


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:mike and family-a.jpg

Mike’s family, Michelle, Evan and Dale, tracked us down to provide support.


At the top of a steep hill

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:piper-a.jpg

Only one piper along the route this year, but still at a key spot.


Along the way…

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:mike gives 5-a.jpg

Always give 5 when you can…

The wet area on the pavement ahead of Mike is evidence of someone spraying a hose at the riders – the cooling effect is invaluable on hot days like this.


Mass Maritime Academy

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:mike smiles arriving in Bourne-a.jpg

A wide smile rolling into the day’s finish.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:carl at Saturday finish-a.jpg

Carl and Sam Damphouse had ridden ahead, so Carl was relaxed and showered for David and Mike’s arrival.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:mike and david at bourne finish-a.jpg

In contrast, Mike and David were hot, tired and relieved.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:ts renamed-a.jpg

The TS Enterprise has been renamed in honor of the Kennedy family. We were fortunate to have our same room on the ship this year.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:hardhat warning-a.jpg

The Kennedy was just back from the shipyard for maintenance – we believe the hardhat warning was a leftover from the yard.



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