Saturday Sturbridge to Bourne


Quoted words are from the signs people wear, hold or attach to their bikes, and are a terrific inspiration to keep going, and to do more to fight cancer.


Early in the Day

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:uncle george and maggie.jpg

“For My Uncle George and my Dear Friend Maggie”


Second Waterstop

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:My daughter is 8 and is celebrating 7 years in remission! Thank You Riders!.jpg

“My Daughter is 8 and is Celebrating 7 Years in Remission! Thank You Riders!”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:at 2nd waterstop-a diane patrice.jpg

“Diane 6/5/47 – 11/14/11           Patrice 7/5/61 – 2/13/12

In loving memory – we ride for a cure”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:ride for livy-a.jpg

“We ride for Livy!”


Lunch Waterstop – Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:lunch stop - Andrew Connor DeLuca 6/21/99 - 12/9/05.jpg

“Andrew Connor DeLuca 6/21/99 – 12/9/05”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:I'm now 6 because of you-a.jpg

Better news on this sign rolling out from lunch: “I’m now 6 because of you”


Along the Way

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:Lily May is Thankful for You.jpg

“Lily May is Thankful for You”

The glare in this photo also gives some flavor for how hot it was later in the ride.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:I am a survivor thanks to you.jpg

“I am a Survivor Thanks to You”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:heart beats-a.jpg

Green sign in the middle: “My heart beats because of your feets”


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:tags and living proof-a.jpg

The blue button on her saddle bag reads “I’m living proof” – one of more and more cancer survivors who participate in the PMC.


Apponequet HighSchool Waterstop

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:pedal partners-a.jpg

Portraits of the pedal partners – kids being treated at Dana-Farber and partnered with teams of riders for mutual support.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Saturday:why:thanks to you im 7 at apponequet-a.jpg

Rolling out, another encouraging sign: “Thanks to you I’m 7!”




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