Sunday: Bourne to Provincetown


Quoted words are from the signs people wear, hold or attach to their bikes, and are a terrific inspiration to keep going, and to do more to fight cancer.


First Waterstop

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:why:foggy legacy shirts-Jim Dunn.jpg

“Carrying on the Legacy of 16 Year PMC Rider Jim Dunn 2012”

The fogginess of the photo is from carrying the camera in a sweaty pocket.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:why:Joshua Thomas LaRosa.jpg

“Joshua Thomas LaRosa”

Unfortunately, the sweat=haze makes it impossible to read more.


Along the way

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:why:kara-a.jpg


The streamers, helmet style and foot-straps accentuate that this rider is here for the cause, not as a hardcore cyclist.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:why:my mom my dad-a.jpg

“My Mom (1944-2003)      My Dad Jim (1936-200?)”


Rolling into Wellfleet

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:why:riding hard-a.jpg

No indication if he’s a cancer survivor, but still a huge inspiration to stop complaining and ride the miles.


So many inspiring stories, so many tragic stories – we honor all as we strive to end this scourge.



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