Sunday: Bourne to Provincetown


Main Street, Bourne, MA ~5:30am

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To keep us from backing up into the rotary at the foot of the Bourne bridge, we were metered through the rotary into the narrow lane to cross the bridge. This has to be the only time we’ve been in a traffic jam before 6am.


Approach to the Bourne bridge

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Having finally gotten through the rotary, here we are chugging up to the bridge.


Bourne Bridge

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Nothing like some hula dancers to help us celebrate our arrival onto Cape Cod. The effort of these people to be enthusiastic, in costume a distance from their cars and all before 6am is truly spectacular. If only our camera was up to the challenge in the soft morning light…



:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:brewster fire sta-a.jpg

The Brewster Fire Department salutes the riders.


Wellfleet Elementary School Waterstop

:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:mike on the ice-a.jpg

Mike absorbs some cool from the icy furniture they set up each year.


Truro Hills

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The “Over The Hill Cheerleaders” were busy with a photo op when we chugged past.



:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:mike and carl towards the finish-a.jpg

Mike and Carl rolling into the finish line. Carl rode with the Smiths Medical team on Sunday, and wore their jersey.


:::::Desktop:PMC - Q:Sunday:post finish.jpg

David, Mike and Carl with Lori and Sam Damphouse after the finish. Carl and Lori work together, and Sam attends the school where they work.



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