Saturday's Ride Photos


Official PMC Start - before 6 am - Sturbridge Host Hotel

Carl models the Hefty look in the morning drizzle.



Note the sign pointing to "Purgatory." Roads with significant hills always seem to have ominous-sounding names.


Luckily, the people who live on the hill are very supportive...



Wrentham - Cherry Street

We always try to "give five." Note the elaborate shelter - this family is committed to supporting the riders, no matter what the weather.



Apponequet High School Waterstop, Lakeville, about Noon

"No, I don't have a cell phone addiction. Why do you ask?"

At this point, we were on track for our earliest completion of Saturday's ride.



Somewhere on Neck Road, Rochester (Saturday mile 95)

Grinding out the miles at 17-20 mph, Carl and David bumped wheels. Carl stayed up, but David was pitchpoled onto his face. The PMC support van arrived within about 2 minutes of the tumble. They cleaned David up and decided to take him to the next waterstop for further examination.



Decas Elementary School Waterstop, Wareham


Q: "Any allergies? " A: "Codeine...Penicillin...Pavement"

Here the conclusion was reached that the cut above the eye would require "one or two" stitches and that a trip to the hospital was in order. Profound thanks to Jeff Del Papa, PMC volunteer bike mechanic, for bending David's glasses back into wearable shape here.



When we saw the 2003 PMC riding jersey in Sturbridge, we had been joking about Fallon Ambulance Service being an official sponsor. Little did we know how valuable they would prove to be...



Tobey Hospital, Wareham


Well, ultimately 9 stitches, but maybe Dr. Spector was extra meticulous because David's then-wife Laurie talked with him before he started sewing.



Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Bourne, 1:45 pm


Once David was carted off to the hospital and it was confirmed that his mother Lydia was on her way there to collect him, Carl rode on to complete Saturday's ride. Here's the finish line at MMA.



David and Lydia, having gotten to MMA and met up with Carl. Lydia has attended all four of our PMCs and this year drove a support vehicle for our Friday ride, in addition to getting David back to MMA from the hospital.



Here we are waiting to get time with a bike mechanic to make sure David's steed would be ready for Sunday. As it turned out, the bike fared much better than David in the fall.



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