Saturday's Ride Photos


Official PMC Start - 6 am - Sturbridge Host Hotel




This is an official PMC photo - we are boxed in the lower right corner.




Carl waves just after the start.




An unidentified patriotic rider, just after the start.




Here is the very leading edge of the riders rolling east out of Sturbridge on US-20. The police will hold crossing automobile traffic while the 2,200 Sturbridge riders pass.



This is the first significant climb on Saturday. The piper does a great job of inspiring us up the hill. It's about 6:30 am.



Here is the crowd at the second waterstop, at the Jefferson School in Franklin. In a great example of the contingency planning by the PMC, we were held at this waterstop for about 45 minutes to allow the police to clear an accident on I-95 that had massive traffic diverted onto the roads on which we would have been riding.



Wrentham – Cherry Street – approx 10:00 am



A right turn down a neighborhood street in Wrentham yields a welcome celebration: flags, red ribbons, cheering hordes, shade and water spray for those who want it - camera in pocket for that!




More welcoming folks in Wrentham.



Costumed Supporters



Disposable cameras need faster shutter speeds to do justice to Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty.




You know it’s too hot and you’ve been riding for too long when you see a merman - not even ethel - directing traffic…



Saturday Finish – Mass. Maritime Academy, Bourne, 3:00 pm



There's always a great crowd greeting arriving riders at MMA.





Like a mall parking lot on December 24…

Tanker in the Cape Cod Canal courtesy of Maersk lines.



Where again are we parked?




Here are the support vehicles for the ride, having arrived at MMA for the night.



Li'l Bertha at Mass. Maritime



Known to the PMC as "Lil Bertha," the Navy calls her APL-66. She sleeps 230 sailors, and was home to at least that many PMCers for Saturday night. In 2000 and 2001, the Navy lent APL-61, "Big Bertha."




The inviting entrance to Lil Bertha.




Here’s the view from the "sun deck" on Lil Bertha up the Cape Cod Canal.




This is the view of the PMC crowd and tents from the top of Lil Bertha.




Here we are at dinner under the tent at MMA.




Here's the PMC's map of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. We stayed in Dorm 6.


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