Sunday's Ride Photos


In the Dorm, 4:30 am


You're not really going to take a picture, are you?


The Bourne Bridge, 5:30 am



Carl is reaching for his camera. Note breakfast - a bagel - on his left handlebar.



Here’s Carl’s view of David pushing up to the bridge.



Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers for blocking off a lane for us.



Each year a piper plays for the riders on the Cape Cod side of the bridge.



Sagamore Sunrise



Dawn rising behind the Sagamore Bridge, as seen from the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path.


The Hedge is Alive



The Cape Cod Sea Camp kids cheer from their front hedge each year.




At the Wellfleet Waterstop



If you don't want to put the ice in your drink, there are other ways to use it to cool off.



The Over The Hill Cheerleaders



In the hills of Truro you'll find them each year. Notice the stylish glasses…


Getting Close



The print on the signs may be fuzzy, but it's US-6 entering Provincetown, with one of the PMC support vehicles looking for riders in trouble.




Are we there yet?!




This is about a 1/2 mile from the finish - our 301st mile of the weekend.




Almost there…








At the end, your bracelet barcode gets scanned. It's 11:30 am and 80 miles from Bourne.




David & Carl just after the finish.



At the Provincetown Inn



The Massachusetts Air National Guard provides showers (white and green tents in background)…




and Harpoon provides beer.




At the entrance to the Provincetown Inn.




Here we are preparing to take our bikes for the car ride home.




Here's the PMC's layout of the finish area in Provincetown.



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