Carl & David’s

8th Pan-Massachusetts Challenge

With every mile, closer to a cure for cancer

Carl and David in Yellowstone during last year’s epic ride.


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August 3-5, 2007


With the support of our generous donors, over the past seven years we’ve raised almost $300,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy Fund. This year we’ll be riding only a bit more than the scheduled Pan-Massachusetts Challenge, but ask that you’ll honor us with a gift to support cancer research and care.


Dana-Farber was ranked #5 nationally for cancer care by US News and World Report in July, 2006, and is four-star ranked by Charity Navigator for its efficiency with your contributions.


Prior Years’ rides:

-  2006: Transcontinental. Almost $170,000 raised. 3,600 miles over 38 riding days during one of the hottest summers in recorded history.

-  2005: we rode a bit more than the official PMC route, clocking 215 miles and adding CT to our list of states ridden.

-  2004: in celebration of the historic 25th annual PMC, we rode from David’s then-hometown of Cincinnati to join the PMC - a total of 1,054 miles over 11 days! (And no, you don’t want to know about the saddle sores)

-  2003, 2002: we rode about 300 miles by adding an extra day and 100 miles, starting from the MA/NY state line.

-  2001, 2000: we rode the official PMC route, 192 miles from Sturbridge MA to Provincetown MA over two days.



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