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David, Mike and Carl at the

Nickerson waterstop this year


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August 1-3, 2014


This is the 35th annual PMC, our 15th PMC, and the 10th(!) anniversary of Carl and Davidís extended 1,000-mile PMC from Cincinnati. In spite of the various obligations that life brings (for instance, we had two kids among us when we started in 2000 and now we have six), we remain committed to this exceptional cause and we ask for your support. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is one of Americaís finest cancer research and care centers (repeatedly ranked in the top 5 by US News and World Report for cancer care, and four-star ranked by Charity Navigator for its efficiency with your contributions), and your gift allows Dana-Farber to do cutting edge work in the field.


This year Carl rode from Stockbridge to Sturbridge on the Friday and volunteered with his family at the Nickerson State Park waterstop in Brewster Sunday morning, while David and Mike rode the traditional 190-mile PMC from Sturbridge to Provincetown over Saturday and Sunday. As it worked out, Saturday was the coldest sustained rain in the history of the event, but we persevered as we must. When you remind yourself that this is nothing compared to a course of chemotherapy, you just get it done.


With the support of our generous donors, over the past 15 years weíve raised over $400,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Instituteís Jimmy Fund.


Prior Yearsí rides:

-  2013: Carl rode a true Pan-Mass from Stockbridge to Provincetown, and David joined him for the traditional PMC from Sturbridge.

-  2012: All three of us rode a very hot traditional PMC from Sturbridge to Provincetown. Carl got an early start from Stockbridge.

-  2011: Carl rode a true Pan-Mass with the Huckleberry group, starting in Stockbridge.

-  2010: David and Mike rode an uneventful PMC. Carl rode with the Huckleberry group from the NY/MA border to the Sturbridge start.

-  2009: Carl and Mike rode a smooth PMC, while David nursed his shattered elbow.

-  2008: Mike joined Carl and David for a successful, two-day Challenge.

-  2007: Carl rode from the NY line. David joined him in Sturbridge for the formal PMC.

-  2006: Transcontinental. Almost $170,000 raised. 3,600 miles over 38 riding days during one of the hottest summers in recorded history.

-  2005: Carl and David rode a bit more than the official PMC route, clocking 215 miles and adding CT to our list of states ridden.

-  2004: in celebration of the historic 25th annual PMC, Carl and David rode from Davidís then-hometown of Cincinnati to join the PMC - a total of 1,054 miles over 11 days! (And no, you donít want to know about the saddle sores).

-  2003, 2002: Carl and David rode about 300 miles by adding an extra day and 100 miles, starting from the MA/NY state line.

-  2001, 2000: Carl and David rode the official PMC route, 192 miles from Sturbridge MA to Provincetown MA over two days.




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